Cure Type 2 Diabetes without Drugs

Cure Type 2 Diabetes Without Drugs

Cure Type 2 Diabetes Without Drugs

Say Goodbye to High Blood Sugar Levels & Painful Insulin Shots!

Cure Type 2 Diabetes Without Drugs

Cure Type 2 Diabetes Without Drugs

Cure Type 2 Diabetes Without Drugs

The New Nutraceutical Breakthrough To Help You Manage Your Diabetes 

Cure Type 2 Diabetes Without Drugs

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Cure Type 2 Diabetes Without Drugs


Cure Type 2 Diabetes Without Drugs

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Cure Type 2 Diabetes Without Drugs

Dr. John McDougall discusses the simple truth behind Type 2 Diabetes – it is completely curable.

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Cure Type 2 Diabetes without Drugs

Dr. John McDougall discusses the simple truth behind Type 2 Diabetes - it is completely curable.

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33 thoughts on “Cure Type 2 Diabetes without Drugs

  1. Cheers for the Video clip! Excuse me for chiming in, I would love your
    initial thoughts. Have you researched – Carpio Incredible Diabetes
    Bulldozer (google it)? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my
    old buddy Taylor after many years removed the diabetes problem with it. 

  2. One of the commenters, Chris Pickering, claims that the unhealthy Western
    Diet is already a starch-based one (and therefore, he reasons, starch-based
    diets are unhealthy).

    Chris, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s data show that
    adult Americans consume 33% of their calories from FAT (link to this data: ). This is very different from
    the McDougall diet, which only obtains about 10% of its calories from fat.
    You really can’t compare the McDougall diet with the standard Western diet,
    as you’re attempting to do.

  3. 18 months ago I was 230 lbs and today I am 176 and still on diabetes meds.
    I am looking for that cure. Wont accept the BS involved.

    1. Cut out ALL fructose (fruit, honey, sugar,juice,agave, etc) if it’s sweet
      do not eat it.
      cut out ALL alcohol (metabolized the same way as fructose, i.e. as liver
      fat). Xylitol is metabolized in a similar way, so avoid that too.
      cut out ALL dairy (raises INSULIN more than white bread).
      cut out ALL refined carbohydrates (wheat, corn,white rice, etc.)
      cut out ALL processed, canned, convenience and packaged foods (sugar, trans
      fats, etc.)
      eat SMALL portions of lean, wild caught/hunted organic animal proteins.
      (CORN fed animal protein is HIGH in BCAA’s (branched-chain amino
      acids)which are linked to metabolic syndrome.
      grass-fed, organic, farmed protein is fine too.
      fish oil, coconut oil and EVO olive oil for fat-soluble nutrient absorption
      and healthy fatty acids.
      Himalayan pink salt for mineral content and metabolic functions.
      Eat more raw than cooked organic vegetables, the more colorful, the better.
      Fresh, raw vegetable, NOT fruit juices 2-3 times per week (for

      not sure what BS you are referring to. hope this helps.

    2. I used the McDougalls Starch Solution Elimination Diet for Rhumatoid
      Arthritis and got rid of my diabetes by surprise!!– it worked.

  4. Diabetes is caused by excessive carbohydrate intake. PERIOD. When your body
    has the failure to properly handle carbohydrates why on earth would you
    give it more. Especially starches like potatoes and rice. Look at Asia and
    India now leading the world in diabetes. Even Japans rate is rising very
    fast. All these countries are eating a ton of white rice. India has the
    highest type 2 diabetes rate and has had so for a while. A large portion of
    India is vegetarian due to their beliefs (they consume no red meat and very
    little chicken. Indians live on lots of beans, lots rice, lots of bread and
    lots of noodles, dairy products like butter and ghee. Basically a high
    carbohydrate diet. And before anyone says that its the dairy causing the
    diabetes you are ignorant. Look at countries like Sweden and France who eat
    tons of dairy and tons of fat and have little very little heart disease and
    lower diabetes rates. Even Swedens own government gets it and is telling
    the people to eat more fat and less carbs. 200 years ago in America the
    average person ate around 5 pounds of sugar per year. Now its up to almost
    160 pounds PER PERSON per years. Thats nearly half a pound a day. And
    people think its the meat and dairy. All while saturated fat has dropped by
    11%. Animal fat consumption has dropped (everybody is eating skinless
    chicken breasts and low/no fat dairy because the government has scared them
    into doing so) and grain & sugar consumption has skyrocketed. This guy
    thinks humans are “starchivores” (as he says). SMH at the ignorance.

    1. +Comfortably Convincing Amen , you said it WELL !!! TEACH those ignorant
      fools that are too QUICK to open their wide ignorant mouths talking
      nonsense. Diabetes is CAUSED by FAT, ANIMAL FAT in particular. I know this
      from personal experiences and many other people who cured their diabetes by
      losing massive weight and becoming vegan. They’re still eating rice and
      veggies and they’re fine. It’s not the CARBS, IT IS THE FAT ! Here’s an
      official scientific peer-reviewed study proving this ..
      This is type 2 I am talking about … Type 1 is a different story

    2. I have read everything you have wrote. Your glucose went from 230 to 76.
      I’ll believe you. You wrote, “from your own experience…diabetes is due to
      the FAT clogging the pancreas.” That is great answer. Diabetes type 2 can
      be caused by the visceral fat around the pancreas. That is a legitimate

      So a Vegan diet made you lose weight and made you better. Highly possible

      This line though, “Once you stop eating high fat animal diet , which
      increases cholesterol too , diabetes will disappear. This line is untrue.
      This is a claim because your so into being a VEGAN. Your a Vegan, you are
      so against fat. Your so passionate about being a VEGAN. It’s a false

      You used your passion to trick yourself into believing it cured you when in
      reality you don’t know the reason why. Here is what I think happened to
      you, assuming your story is true.

      You were on a terrible diet prior to being a diabetic type 2. You then went
      on a better diet, a VEGAN diet which made you lose weight. Clearing up the
      fat around your pancreas and now your fasting blood glucose is 76.

      That sounds like a legitimate story but all the claims you are making
      towards fat is false. You are just making claims and hating on something.
      You actually don’t know why but you are choosing to blame it on FAT because
      that is your belief system of being a VEGAN.

      Reading your comments, they sound very emotional. There is no science
      behind anything you say. Your making claims due your beliefs.

      here is what you said, “OUR bodies were not meant to consume chicken , red
      meat , EVEN FISH !”
      “MEAT is the cause of CANCER as well”
      This stupid LOW CARB diet movement needs to STOP !

      See what I mean. You also bolded the letters. That’s how emotional and
      passionate you are about being a VEGAN. Do you agree?

      Here is the thing though about the claim you made on FAT.

      When you eat a stick of butter. Eat the whole stick or like 3 to 4
      tablespoons. Then test your blood glucose level. Does the blood glucose go

      Now eat a beef rib eye steak and test your blood sugar. Does the blood
      glucose go up?

      Here is what you wrote, “…still eating rice and beans , normal carbs”

      I want you to eat what you wrote, then test your blood glucose. Does your
      blood glucose go up?

      For readers that don’t have blood glucose meters, which one do you think
      raises your blood glucose the most?
      Fat, protein or carbohydrates

      Which one raises glucose the least?

      From the results of the test. During the time when Semirindi Makala was at
      230 blood glucose. Which macro nutrient would have made Semirindi’s blood
      glucose higher?

      Carbohydrates, protein or fats?

      I believe this test is legitimate

      Here lets change the topic. Back in the days around the 1950’s, people
      weren’t obese or diabetic type 2’s. Around the 1970’s, I believe that is
      when the low fat epidemic began. Instead of having fat, people were having
      Tang and Kool-AID. Oh and margarine. Yeah fat is bad, lets have margarine.

      Fat is bad so lets eat margarine. Coconut oil and lard is bad, lets eat
      hydrogenated oils.

      Whats next, water is bad, you have to mix it with kool-aid. lol

      Another thing also is anyone on a low fat diet never lost weight and kept
      it off. The weight always came back. Low fat was the biggest failure ever.
      Eating 6 meals a day, all the other junk beliefs too.

      Later on in the future everyone is obese or suffering from diabetes. How
      many more years do you need this Low fat or no fat craze to continue?

      Did the low fat era make people skinny? No. Did the Low fat era make people
      obese or give people diabetes. Yes

      One more thing, I am going to make a claim. I believe you like this John
      Mcdougall guy because he is a vegan but not because he presents any
      scientific information.

      Do you agree with my claim or do you disagree with my claim?

      Watch This Mcdougall guys video, does he ever present any science?

      Does he sound like a science teacher when he speaks?

      Do you think a science teacher explains the whys? or tries to show you the
      whys and how things work?

      Do you think this Mcdougall guy explains things like a science teacher?

      Does Mcdougall explains the why’s and how’s
      or does he just make claims?

  5. I feel worried about constantly checking blood levels as the former
    diabetes patient assumed I would undoubtedly die with diabetes

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  6. Loss the weight , How do you lose the weight Jesus Christ, Any practical
    information or just this ?

  7. This talk by Dr John McDougall is accurate, see “How to become Diabetic in
    6 hours”, see after drinking olive oil which is 100% fat and proving it
    doubled my triglycerides (fat in the blood a major cause of desensitizing
    insulin resulting in temporary type two diabetes) we added pizza to show
    the cheese, and cheese meat sandwich. If I had continue to drink olive oil
    or poured it over cheese, fatty meat, butter without the bread in the
    pizza, or bread in the Subway sandwich, I still would have had a high blood
    sugar level.
    We have actually done tests of eating in one group only fats and proteins
    (salmon is 75% fat and 25% protein) what do you think was the outcome? or
    all white carbs, white rice, white bread, white sugar (I bet you can’t
    guess the outcome?) we plan to release future videos to separate out the
    confusion. What was edited out was leading up to this video, my diet was
    all rice, potatoes, fruit, vegetables, and less than 5% fat (no added oils,
    although I do include small amounts of seeds, nuts, olives or avocados,
    which pushes the fiber content up and the % of fat closer to 15% of
    calories. 10 to 12 % protein, and over 75% complex carbohydrates.
    The Glycemic Index was proven to be influenced by the amount of added fat
    to the diet within two weeks leading up to the test. I bet you didn’t know
    that the results were almost completely different, yet all of nutrition for
    diabetics is based on fault pre-diet testing. and 949-720-1554 also see interview Nick
    Delgado with Joel Fuhrman, with Dean Ornish MD and with Dr Jeffrey Bland.
    subscribe to Nick Delgado Simply Healthy TV

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  9. Is Type 2 diabetes genetic? I’m not obese, eat a good diet, weight train
    and in really great shape for a 60 yr old man but am Type 2. So is my
    petite Mom whose sister is Type 1 diabetic.

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    2. Huge help for me. I was pre-diabetic and already a vegetarian. The concepts
      worked for me and have kept me off medication. I also never was hungry and
      lost weight without even trying. I am grateful for another way and not need
      medication. I also feel great.

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