Dr. Peter Glidden on Curing Type 2 Diabetes

Dr. Peter Glidden On Curing Type 2 Diabetes

Dr. Peter Glidden On Curing Type 2 Diabetes

Say Goodbye to High Blood Sugar Levels & Painful Insulin Shots!

Dr. Peter Glidden On Curing Type 2 Diabetes

Dr. Peter Glidden On Curing Type 2 Diabetes

Dr. Peter Glidden On Curing Type 2 Diabetes

The New Nutraceutical Breakthrough To Help You Manage Your Diabetes 

Dr. Peter Glidden On Curing Type 2 Diabetes

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Dr. Peter Glidden On Curing Type 2 Diabetes


Dr. Peter Glidden On Curing Type 2 Diabetes

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Dr. Peter Glidden On Curing Type 2 Diabetes

Dr. Peter Glidden (NP) discusses the cause of diabetes & natural cures to type 2 diabetes with simple inexpensive vitamin/ mineral supplements.


Dr. Peter Glidden on Curing Type 2 Diabetes

Dr. Peter Glidden (NP) discusses the cause of diabetes & natural cures to type 2 diabetes with simple inexpensive vitamin/ mineral supplements.




41 thoughts on “Dr. Peter Glidden on Curing Type 2 Diabetes

  1. There is no magic bullet that will cure all of your problems.
    Therefore, no pill, powder, or supplement will get you the results “YOU”
    want! At best, some pills may provide short term results. More likely
    however, to most they’ll either be ineffective or create even more issues.
    Remember this, there are no shortcuts in health and fitness if you want
    the results to last.

    We thrived as a species for quite a few years (tens of thousands!) before
    pills and powders came along, which means we can STILL thrive without them!
    Nothing beats a solid long term diet and regular physical activity.

    Take for instance, after years of making poor dietary choices and NO
    exercise, in March of 2012 at age 41, I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2,
    high blood pressure, hypertension, high levels of LDL, a low HDL, and
    vitamin deficiency. I’m only 5′ 6″ and at the time I weighed at 220 lbs
    with a 42″ waist.

    My 1st visit to the endocrinologist in May 2012 I was immediately “ordered”
    to be put on metformin because my A1C level of 10.5 was unacceptable, he
    said. I slammed my foot on the doctor’s brakes and said to him, I prefer to
    fix my problem the difficult and natural way rather than the easy way out.
    Give me 3 months and if my A1C level is not acceptable within said time, I
    will have no choice but to take the”drug”.

    After changing my eating habits and went from consuming the “typical
    American diet” to embracing the raw vegan lifestyle; started cycling and
    working out, I managed to reverse my diabetes within 6 months, lost 70 lbs
    in the process, took 12 inches off my waist, and all of the medical issues
    mentioned above were permanently suppressed.

    I’m down to a waist 30, 175 lbs, (I’ve put on 25 lbs of pure lean muscle
    since then) and for the first time in my life I possess the ability to
    choose my own direction in life and where my paths may lead. I control the
    surrounding influences that inspire and motivate me. My will to succeed is
    a powerful force and with it, I can now accomplish anything.

    On March 29th 2014, exactly 2 years after being diagnosed, I finished my
    first 70.3 Ironman Triathlon Oceanside, CA in which I manage to complete
    all three disciplines in 6hrs 45mins. I also trained hard and was ready to
    do my first IronMan Triathlon Lake Tahoe September 21st. Unfortunately, the
    event was cancelled due to bad air quality because of a forest fire nearby.
    The cancellation devastated me but did not stop me from pursuing my
    ultimate goal to become the first 100 year old in the year 2071 who can
    still Swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles and run 26.2 miles, all in less than
    17 hours. 

    1. +Leonardo Medina Did you take mineral supplements like Chromium? Remember
      that the main cause of type 2 diabetes are mineral deficiencies and the
      reason some are minerally deficient is because of their poor diet that are
      very low in nutrition and minerals. If you take mineral supplements like
      Chromium, it will completely cure type 2, meaning you will no longer be a
      diabetic, but a normal person again.

  2. The crucial element to treat diabetes is truly to fix the root cause by the
    all-natural remedy, not by typical treatment as they simply just supply the
    short term results.

    1. This is the unique 3 steps method to eliminate diabetes, with no side

  3. *Many overweight people with type 2 diabetes also have sleep apnea, a
    condition in which a person stops breathing temporarily while sleeping.*

  4. Ok lets assume that im minerally deficient because of the soils and
    processing. But its just as plausible that we are over supplied by some
    minerals as well as under supplied. Thus we need to be accurately tested.
    So my question is how does the average person get tested with enough
    accuracy that we can begin to balance our minerals ( and vitamins, amino
    acids, … ).

    1. +luvbotany It is a lot more likely it is a deficiancy – why? The
      circulation of our food chain have stopped, nutrients from poop go in a
      landfill/ocean when they before went onto the fields. We’ve also stopped
      heating with wood, by which we no longer have that nutritious ash to put
      over the soils we harvest from. Nutrients don’t last forever in a soil,
      they are also not taken up as much if grown with pesticides since the
      bacteria gets disturbed. The body is smart and knows when it had too much
      of one type, and it would take A LOT to over exaggerate with minerals &
      vits. That’s why people can be so sloppy about the measurement, unlike
      pharmaceuticals. You heard him talk about the deficient mice though? Good
      luck with curing if you have it, there’s always a solution for everything :]

    1. +Boyer Coe Some type 1 can get type 2, meaning that he or she can also have
      insulin resistant and not just insulin dependant which is common for type 1

    2. +dmana3172 You are either a type one or a type two, there is no such thing
      a being a combination of the two! I’ve been involved in this subject for
      many years. If you don’t believe me get an opinion from someone at the
      American Diabetes Association and/or ask any REAL doctor, that being
      someone with an MD after their name. This Peter Glidden guy is a quack!

  5. I see a lot of people keep on talking about Hybetez Remedy (search on
    google). But I’m uncertain if it’s good. Have you ever tried this popular
    cholesterol home remedy? 

  6. This guy is telling the truth! And if you are watching has type 2 diabetes,
    please heed to his advice. Take Chromium, Vanadium and other minerals and
    it will cure the disease completely. The most common cause of type 2
    diabetes is mineral deficiencies.

  7. I’ve had Type-2 Diabetes for years. *I was constantIy worried about my
    blood sugar levels. I never had any energy, and I always had to be careful
    what I ate. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get my diabetes under control.
    I felt trapped, and I felt like a burden on my family. Diabetes Destroyer
    gave me my life back*. I used the 3 steps to reverse my diabetes, and my
    family can barely keep up with me. I’m eating my favorite foods, and do the
    things I love. Thank you for saving my life!

    1. +Boyd Buchta, Diabetes Cure – Start Destroying Your Diabetes.
      Get the Complete Diabetes Destroyer System
      *::: Begin here ==>> **thediabetesrelief.com** :::*

    2. +Boyd Buchta
      That website you posted seemed a lot like a scaming add stuff.
      Could you please tell me those 3 easy steps Yourself?
      Or shall I send You 40 bucks for it?!

  8. A year ago I had my blood tested. It had been years since I had this done.
    Results came back showing my cholesterol was high and I was borderline
    diabetic. My A1C was 6.5 then 2nd test was 6.4. After taking statins for 3
    months I had extreme thirst and the associated hourly urination. I also
    lost 10-12 #s in the 3rd month (same drug different maker in the 3rd month
    when the symptoms began). The doctor claimed it had nothing to do with the
    statins even though after I stopped taking them those symptoms went away
    but my A1C went as high as 10.1. Almost a year later its still 9.0. I
    believe the statins did this and somehow harmed my pancreas. I don’t have a
    gall bladder and somehow I think that affected how the statins metabolized
    in my body. I tried Metformin and it caused severe stomach/digestion issues
    and it didn’t really bring down the A1C. I’m on Glipizide now and it is
    reducing my daily glucose #s. I prefer not to be on anything and that my
    A1C goes back to what it was before I was on statins. Somehow those statins
    changed my metabolism and my body doesn’t want to return to what it was
    before i took statins. The doctors say it just shows the progressive nature
    of diabetes. I say the statins damaged my pancreas. There are law suits out
    because because of this so Im not the only one. Can anybody explain what
    happened to cause the statins to make my A1C go so high and why it wont go
    down after I stopped taking the statins? I do like sweets and did before my
    A1C went to 10.1 on statins, but before the statins I was just borderline.
    What did the statins do to my metabolism that it can’t seem to correct
    itself even after I stopped taking the statins? I just want to return to my
    pre-statin A1C of 6.4 – 6.5 levels and without medication. Any ideas what
    the statins did and what I can do to reverse that damage? Im kind of in
    denial that my body naturally became diabtetic and believe the statins
    caused it. TIA

    1. +mickeydogtube mickeydogtube You’re not wrong,… Statins do cause elevated
      blood sugar !
      72% of post menopausal women who take Statins become diabetic.
      Many studies conclude that Statins don’t do a damn thing to stop Heart
      Disease but have worse side effects,… You can look at the Helsinki
      Businessmans Study or the Framingham Study.
      139,000 Americans with heart disease or suffered heart attacks across 4
      hospitals had their cholesterol checked & 75% of them had normal to low
      cholesterol !
      When normal cholesterol was thought to be 250 there were 13 million
      American with higher numbers so 13 million Statin customers,… They
      dropped the safe cholesterol number to 200 & tripled their customer base
      overnight !
      After the study that found 75% of heart disease patients had normal to low
      cholesterol, they now think the healthy number should be dropped to 150 🙂
      Watch John Bergmans’s Youtube Video on Cholesterol & Blood Pressure 🙂

    2. +David Lomm thanks to both of the above responses. David Lomm ? for you.
      What do the statins do to the body to make people become diabetics? In my
      case, I have a suspicion my lack of having a gall bladder assisted in how
      my body metabolized the statins I was on. In a way I think the statins
      damaged my pancreas as my A1C was borderline before I took them. So the
      statins changed my metabolism in an area that wasnt the target malady. I’m
      trying to understand how they changed my system to cause the high A1C. I’m
      aware of how woman are impacted by statins but i wonder why men don’t
      always have that same outcome. My brother became diabetic too when he went
      on statins but his path didn’t heap on the severe symptoms I experienced in
      the first 3 months of being on statins. What do statins to our organs that
      causes this side effect of making people diabetic. I would have thought
      going off the statins would make my A1C go back down but all that happened
      was the severe thirst and wgt loss went away, but the A1C stayed high. Any
      ideas? Nobody in the medical field has been able to explain to me why my
      body (and many people) became diabetic. The glipizide is reducing my blood
      sugar but I don’t know what long term negative effect it may have. I wish
      I’d never taken those statins as I feel the damaged my pancreas and nobody
      in the medical field wants to own up to it, especially big pharma who makes
      billions of the sales of statins for the very reason you noted, they
      changed the ranges to make sure more people fall in the category of high
      cholesterol just to sell more pills… much of it coming from Medicare
      because of the baby boomers going into the social services system.

    3. try the diet and see how it works….just avoid sugar and starches (your
      body treats them like sugar anyway) and your numbers will come down in a
      steady fashion. Test before eating each day….rotate between testing
      before breakfast , lunch and dinner and mark down the readings. You
      morning numbers may be higher due to what’s called the Dawn Phenomenon
      (your body releases hormones in the morning to wake you up and it raises bs
      readings), Get your nutrients from good carb veggies…cruciferous mostly
      if you can. Don’t worry about natural animal fats and butter and olive
      oil….all good for you (vegans will claim otherwise but just ignore their
      political diet…that’s what it is)/

    4. +mickeydogtube mickeydogtube Taking Statin increase risk for type 2
      diabetes and I’m so sorry you when through that. 🙁 Remember that it’s all
      about money and big pharma and not about your health.

  9. Hey, The best success
    that I have ever had was with Blakes reversal plan (just google it)
    Without a doubt the most helpful diabetes plan I have ever tried.

  10. *I am a low income earner, and has been diagnosed of type 2 diabetes. Sure
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    was about six months ago, which was rather too late. A week after my
    resolution to a new lifestyle, I did a blood test which revealed a high
    level of glucose. Now I have a full blown diabetes. And this piece has been
    great. I am full of energy now, contrary to what I felt before.*

  11. *I have been worried of not having enough time for exercise, but I feel
    better now after reading this [Go here=== *
    *https://plus.google.com/102443457991099589207/posts/f1ySEcVZPoT** ]. I
    have the type 2 diabetes and I know that exercise is important in the war
    against sugar.I do not have much of the symptoms except light headedness.My
    weight is normal, and I walk about 2000 steps everyday to the very
    convenient bus station.I have always felt the exercise is not enough, but
    I’m glad I stumbled into this stuff.*

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