L2K Pheromone review

L2K Pheromone review – is L2K Pheromone effective?

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L2K or LIIK – the name alone ushers up visions of a suave and sophisticated James Bond type figure strolling along in a tux, and wowing all the hot girls. This literally is your license to thrill. L2K Pheromone is your one-night-stand love potion for hitting on girls in a more playful, and sexual way rather than the smoldering, romantic way you might save for a girl you really like.

Heavy in Androstadienone, the love pheromone, L2K creates a magnetic aura around you that women cannot resist. L2K Pheromone is potent pheromone cologne if you will. Alpha Dreams, keen to build on the success of Alfa Maschio and Glace, combined the two to create hybrid pheromone cologne containing the best attributes of both. The result is pheromone cologne that acts as a social enhancer, and a seduction tool. This is why L2K Pheromone is best suited to your nightly escapades in the clubs and pubs.

2K isn’t something you can wear at the office or at home, especially if there are lots of men around. Men are intimidated by the pheromones in L2K and even around good friends, you might find yourself being ignored or pushed away.

If you stick to bars, pubs and clubs where the music is thumping and the atmosphere of the place allows you to blend in a little easier, the effects on your male friends will lessen. As you prowl the dance floor and stake out the bar, women, with their superior sense of smell, will locate you in the crowd and you can then set about working your magic.

As you converse with women, in whatever setting, L2K seems to cause them to want to touch you, and find whatever means possible to get near you. What this means for you, is lots of tickling, touching, hugging and close proximity.

They simply can’t help themselves and this is the standout quality of L2K. It may not be any good at work or in general situations, but it will help you get those playful touches, kisses and flirty grabs that lead to something more.

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