The Trump administration just made its latest move to defund Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood and other healthcare providers that perform abortion procedures are no longer protected by a 2016 guidance that prevented states from barring them from Medicaid funding.

According to the Hill, the Donald Trump administration rescinded the guidance, put in place by the Obama administration, allowing states to effectively block Medicaid recipients from seeking healthcare at Planned Parenthood and other facilities.

In a call with reporters, Charmaine Yoest, assistant Health and Human Services (HHS) secretary for public affairs, said Trump’s move aimed to curb abortion rights.

“Reinstating the pre-2016 standards frees up states to once again decide for themselves what reasonable standards they use to protect Medicaid programs and their beneficiaries,” Yoest said. “This is part of the Trump administration’s effort to roll back regulations the Obama administration put out to radically favor abortion.”

Texas had previously tried to block Planned Parenthood from Medicaid reimbursements but was stopped by the Obama administration. The state has since submitted a request for permission from the Trump administration to do so.

The move is in line with Trump’s year-long effort to block Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers from federal funding since he took office. In January 2017, Trump reinstated the “global gag rule” to block international non-governmental organizations that provide abortion, or mentions abortion as an option, from receiving federal funding. In April, Trump nullified an Obama-era law that blocked states from refusing to use federal funds on abortion providers for Title X family planning services.

In May, Trump proposed a 2018 budget that cut all federal funding for Planned Parenthood, and through the fall and winter, his administration attempted to prevent several pregnant undocumented teens and women in federal custody, such as Jane Doe, from obtaining abortions. Just this week, Trump issued an HHS rule to protect healthcare workers with moral and religious obligations from performing abortions, and he became the first president to speak via satellite at the annual March for Life rally, the largest anti-abortion march in the nation.

Dawn Laguens, executive vice president for Planned Parenthood Action Fund, told the Hill that rescinding the guidance encourages states to go forward with blocking the organization and other healthcare providers from Medicaid.

“They couldn’t get the votes to pass it in Congress, so now they are pushing states to try and block care at Planned Parenthood,” Laguens said. “Without Planned Parenthood, many of our patients would lose access to health care altogether—either because there are no other providers in their community or because other clinics cannot serve all of our patients.”

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‘EVIL’: This may be the most MONSTROUS thing Planned Parenthood has EVER tweeted

Over the years, we’ve seen some pretty sick stuff get pushed by Planned Parenthood. This may be the sickest thing yet: The screenshot is there because Planned Parenthood deleted the original tweet. But the post they were promoting is still up.

Danielle Campoamor writes:

Miscarriage and abortion are sisters. Just like my body knew what to do when an abnormal embryo implanted itself in my uterus, my mind knew what to do when a healthy embryo found its way to the soft lining of my uterine wall back when I was 23 years old, in an unhealthy relationship, living paycheck-to-paycheck, unwilling and unable to be a mother. They haven’t always synced up, my body and my mind, but even separately they’ve known what to do at different times in my life. I do not regret my decision to have an abortion.

She goes on to cite late-term “Christian abortionist” Willie Parker:

When I held my son for the very first time, knowing he was a choice I had made, my belief that abortion had been the right decision years earlier only grew stronger. Here he was, a bi-product of my mind and my body finally being on the same page; the end result of me being financially, emotionally, physically, and mentally ready to become a mother. But we, as a culture, have difficulty acknowledging these complexities and accepting a woman’s inalienable right to make her own choices.

As Dr. Willie Parker, a Christian abortion provider put it in Life’s Work: A Moral Argument For Choice:


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This Wisconsin GOP rep thinks women shouldn’t be able to get abortions in order to grow labor force

Listen up, ladies: please, for the greater good of the U.S. economy, choose against having an abortion to instead birth your little bundle of joy into this wonderful, capitalistic world. At least, that’s how Wisconsin Republican Rep. Scott Allen sees your pregnancy—a means to mass production.

On Thursday, the Wisconsin state Assembly approved a bill that would block most abortions from being covered by state health insurance, except in instances of rape, incest, or if the pregnancy threatens the mother’s life.

Democrats were unable to pass two bill amendments that would have clarified that the bill didn’t block the coverage of contraception and would have cut the mandate that the rape or incest victim has to report the crimes to law enforcement. But Allen thought the bill didn’t go far enough.

However, it was during his argument when Allen fell off the rails—he asserted that Democrats were “ironically” getting in the way of economic growth because they allowed women to forgo bolstering the labor force when they elect to have an abortion, instead of going through with the abortion and giving birth to another mean, labor-producing machine.

OK, Allen didn’t say it in those words, but despite his analytical language his message was loud and clear.

“Labor force shortages are tied to population declines. Labor force shortages are a limiting factor in economic growth, and limited economic growth poses a problem when government tries to pay for public services and infrastructure,” Allen said. “In spite of this Mr. Speaker, ironically, the Democrats continue their effort to support the abortion industry.”

Because women are choosing to have abortions—or, because Democrats were allowing women to choose to have abortions—Allen argued the labor force has declined as a result. Therefore, funding abortion with health insurance plans for state employees was in the worst interest of the government.

Abortion arguments aside, Allen’s objectification of women as labor-producers is nothing short of disgraceful. His push for “America first” effectively dehumanizes women as people and argues that the government should, as literally as possible, be in charge of a woman’s right to have an abortion for the benefits her pregnancy will bring the economy. To Allen, women are not humans capable of independent thought, nor even laborers of their own—just laborer-producing machines.

Watch his full bid for the government to control a woman’s reproductive rights below:

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Twitter blocks Republican campaign ad over claim about Planned Parenthood baby body parts

Twitter blocked a campaign ad for a Republican Senate candidate running to take Sen. Bob Corker’s seat in Tennessee that featured a false assertion that she was part of an effort that “stopped the sale of baby body parts.”

Rep. Marsha Blackburn worked on the Republican-run panel in the House of Representatives that investigated Planned Parenthood after secretly recorded videos claimed to show the women’s health organization providing fetal tissue to researchers.  

Twitter’s decision to block the ad, which the company made because it contained “an inflammatory statement,” will likely spark backlash among conservatives who already view Silicon Valley firms as hostile to their beliefs.

The videos Blackburn appears to reference were deemed to be manipulated. Planned Parenthood said the videos were deceptively edited.

Providing legal tissue to researchers is legal if no profit is made, and congressional investigations found no evidence of the organization making money off of the practice. Blackburn led a House panel that investigated the sale of fetal tissue but found it “makes a vanishingly small contribution to clinical and research efforts, if it contributes at all.” The panel recommended the federal government not fund research involving fetal tissue.

Twitter said the video was “deemed an inflammatory statement that is likely to evoke a strong negative reaction,” according to the Associated Press. The social media platform said Blackburn could run the rest of her ad if the portion of her claiming she stopped the sale of “baby body parts” were taken out of it.

The blocking by Twitter does not allow Blackburn to promote the video, but she can still share it on the social network as a normal tweet or on other platforms. Her campaign posted the video earlier on Monday. 

Blackburn responded to Twitter’s decision by calling on her supporters to join her in “standing up to Silicon Valley.”

In the ad, Blackburn shoots a gun and says she’s “100 percent pro-life,” carries a gun in her purse, and stands during the national anthem. 

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10-year-old rape victim gives birth after being denied abortion


A 10-year-old rape victim was forced to give birth after she was denied an abortion by India’s Supreme Court.

The young girl delivered at the Government Medical College and Hospital in Chandigarh, after doctors operated on her through a Caesarian section. Dr. Dasari Harish reports that the 10-year-old and her child are both in stable condition.

The girl’s family previously found out she was pregnant after she began feeling stomach pains. She later told her mother that her uncle had sexually assaulted her multiple times, leading to his arrest. However, India’s Supreme Court rejected the family’s plea for an abortion, after calling on eight doctors and a medical examination of the young girl. Her parents decided instead to tell the young child that she had surgery for a kidney stone issue, and told medical professionals that they were not allowed to tell her daughter she was pregnant with her uncle’s child.

India’s Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act outlaws abortions after 20 weeks, save for explicit permission given from the court. The 10-year-old girl was already pregnant for over 25 weeks when her pregnancy was finally brought to authorities’ attention, ultimately leading to the court’s decision to deny the young girl an abortion.


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Collectors Rejoice! Topps Just Released A Limited-Edition Hall Of Famers Pack That Includes Each Legends Stance On Abortion

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