Article Claims Boobs Are Back, But Where Did They Go?

ave you heard, ladiesssssss? “Boobs are back in a big way” according to one seriously bored New York Post writer. You know how you’ve been hiding those bad girls away for who knows how long? Shuddering them from the world because they just weren’t in style? Well finally, those floppy nuisances can be put to good use as part of your wardrobe!

Needless to say, women everywhere were quick to call out this article and its strange sort of sexist nature. The responses are so funny that they deserve an emoji of an Italian chef kissing her fingers, but they haven’t made that emoji yet.

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The Worlds Worst Driver DESTROYED His $250,000 Ferrari60 Minutes After Buying It

ports car drivers aren’t exactly the most beloved people on Earth, so you might not have toomuch sympathy for the man responsible for what you’re about to see.

I mean, the stereotype is that they’re rich guys overcompensating for something by purchasing an expensive car that they often drive recklessly to get attention.

I’m not saying Ibuy it, but that’s the image they have.

Let’s just say that this story doesn’t exactly contradictthat image…

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Study Reveals That Women With Big Butts Are Smarter and Healthier

Via: Elite Daily

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Heres Everything Thats Coming To Netflix In August

oly smokes! What a month July was! Fireworks, hotdogs, and health care debates! Also, there were sooooo many movies and TV shows to watch. Thankfully, I had very little to do and got through almost everything!

But the turning of the calendar means a whole NEW challenge has emerged! Our entertainment supplier Netflix has released their list of hot, hot, hot new titles to keep you entertained in the warm August heat. So don’t go outdoors! Stay inside and watch these incredible titles.

Roll that beautiful bean footage!

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One Single Bite From This Tick Can Force You To Give Up Red Meat Forever

ummer is here, which means more people are outside trying to enjoy nature, albeit nature that’s filled with bugs. They’re a part of the deal, and most of the time they’re simply annoying. But other times they can pose serious threats that could impact your life forever.

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According To Science, There Might Be an Upside To Anxiety

s someone diagnosed with depression, OCD, and anxiety, most days I feel like there’s really no upside to dealing with these issues.Although each sufferer has a different experience and different levels of struggle, they can probably all agree that it’s no walk in the park.

It’s more than just a blanket diagnosis there are different kinds of anxiety but it turns out there are some pretty superb qualities about anxious peoplethat could be related to their disorder.

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15 Super Weird Things You Never Knew About Cats

t’s not news to anyone that cats are strange creatures. The slinky felines have taken over our homes and our Internet memes. They spit up hairballs, poop in boxes, and sleep 16 hours a day. And somehow, these traits make them desirable pets.

Their everyday habits are bizarre enough, but there are some lesser known facts aboutcats that are sure to make you go, “Whaaaaa?” and give your kitty some serious side-eye. Ready to be surprised? Snuggle up with your cat and start scrolling.

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These Haunting Photos Have Incredibly Disturbing Backstories

picture is worth a thousand words. Some of those pictures’ words are really spooky.

These thirteen photos may be chilling to look at, but they become endlessly more terrifying once you know the spine-tingling stories behind them.

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Collectors Rejoice! Topps Just Released A Limited-Edition Hall Of Famers Pack That Includes Each Legends Stance On Abortion

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