The Two Big Lies of Type 2 Diabetes

The Two Big Lies Of Type 2 Diabetes

The Two Big Lies Of Type 2 Diabetes

Say Goodbye to High Blood Sugar Levels & Painful Insulin Shots!

The Two Big Lies Of Type 2 Diabetes

The Two Big Lies Of Type 2 Diabetes

The Two Big Lies Of Type 2 Diabetes

The New Nutraceutical Breakthrough To Help You Manage Your Diabetes 

The Two Big Lies Of Type 2 Diabetes

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The Two Big Lies Of Type 2 Diabetes


The Two Big Lies Of Type 2 Diabetes

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The Two Big Lies Of Type 2 Diabetes

The first big lie is that Type 2 Diabetes is chronic and progressive. The second lie is that treatment of blood sugar is the primary target of therapy.

The Two Big Lies of Type 2 Diabetes

The first big lie is that Type 2 Diabetes is chronic and progressive. The second lie is that treatment of blood sugar is the primary target of therapy.

40 thoughts on “The Two Big Lies of Type 2 Diabetes

  1. This is really good information. I have resisted being put on insulin
    because of the terrible side effects that come with it. Now I totally plan
    on stopping my insulin resistance. My question is- how long do you follow
    the strict fasting? The rest of your life (which I am willing to do to get
    off the meds I am on) or do you reach a point where you do maintenance
    fasting a couple times a week as opposed to every other day?

    1. In our Intensive Dietary Management Program, we individualize the fasting
      regimen. Some will only require maintenance (about 24hr fasting
      twice/week). In order to reverse diabetes, it may be necessary to do more
      (36 hr fasting 3x/week or even 2-3 days at a time). For those on
      medications, this should only be done under strict medical supervision of
      sugars and medications

  2. Jason thank you! My son (age 29) was recently admitted to the hospital in a
    diabetic coma with a blood sugar of 1750 yes one thousand seven hundred and
    fifty. This was onset diabetes. He is under control now uses little to no
    insulin but still has several diabetes related nerve and eye sight
    problems. He is also hyperglycemic can fasting still be a viable option for

    1. Be sure he is not a LADA basically a late onset type 1 … I was and all
      the fasting and KETO in the world did not help … I mean it helped but if
      type 1 insulin is needed period … in that case is may have little or no
      insulin resistance beyond the normal “healthy” populations … get his
      cpeptides and insulin levels checked … both fasting and durring glucose
      challange test as well as antibodies tested 🙂 trust me you do NOT want to
      assume you have type 2 and fight a loosing battle …. I had the 3 hardest
      years of my life thanks to that !

  3. Remember too that Jason Fung has also stated that a Plant based complex
    carbohydrate High Fibre diet works to reverse Type 2 Diabetes also as well
    as obesity, and he states that intermittent fasting works also. You can
    hear him saying this in his interview with “Smash the Fat” YT channel.

    1. Absolutely. The problem is insulin, not calories, not carbohydrates, not
      animal protein. The Kitavan study showed that eating a high unrefined
      carbohydrate diet can still lead to very low insulin levels.

    2. “””Effective natural remedies, prevention, lifestyle changes and diet for
      diabetes *Diabetescurediets .com* “”””

  4. I hope Dr. Fung does not stop posting his lectures. I am a retired nurse. I
    was involved in education of new diabetics at the hospital where i worked.
    I have learned more from Dr. Fung’s videos (and I have watched them all)
    than I ever did in nursing school or in any other advanced ed classes I
    took. I am looking foreword to reading his book that in coming out in Jan

    1. +Anne Brewitt Diabetes is very prevalent in my family. Both my paternal
      Grandparents died of diabetic complications in their 60’s. My 3 brothers
      are diabetic. I believe I am diabetic. I test my blood sugar 3 times a day.
      If I eat carbs my sugar spikes and stays up for hours. My doctor is not one
      to be aggressive with diabetes. So I am being my own doctor at this point.
      I am on a low carb, high fat, medium protein diet. My blood sugar’s have
      stayed in the normal range as long as I stay on that. If I eat anything
      with white flour or sugar I spike. I do the intermittent fasting every day.
      I do not eat until noon, then I have a small snack between 3 and 4 PM. Then
      I do not eat until noon the next day. This helps to keep my blood sugars

    2. +Sandra Stevens same here. I pretty much am doing exactly what you are
      doing. I found the diabetes association telling me to eat 60 carbs at each
      meal utterly ridiculous. We have to do it ourselves these days or we will
      just get sicker and sicker.

  5. So if we are NOT taking the insulin or meds for diabetes and we are
    following this lifestyle, when we check our b sugars what targets are we
    supposed to be aiming for? He said 6 was the same difference as being 10
    but the lady with 5.5 AC1 was good?

    1. Eeba… I think what Fung is saying, if I understand correctly, is that if
      you are on medication to lower the a1c, you’re just dropping the sugar
      level (the symptom of diabetes) but not correcting the cause (insulin
      resistance). someone treating with diet, fasting &exercise that is at 5.5
      is different than someone strictly using meds to achieve 5.5…. the first
      subject has controlled the insulin/glucose response, the second still has a
      conflicted metabolism. there was a clinical study several years back of a
      med that rapidly brought down a1c…. it was halted before it finalized as
      subjects were dropping like flies. Metabolic disease is very complex….but
      the solution can be very simple ….

    1. absolutely. they are stealing our money. *useSugar com* visit this site and
      see who is the real liar. liarssss

  6. Billions of dollars spent on a totally reversible disease. Good on you
    Doctor Fung for not slinging for drug companies!

    1. yes, gone billions.but lies are not finished. even here. *useSugar. com* go
      to this site and see it yourself. lies lies lies

  7. *I feel so much better now after going through this material [Go Here== *
    *** ]. I am advancing in
    age and have been drinking much water because I am always thirsty. I
    realized I’m diabetic. The diagnosis showed it. Breaking those habits was
    not an easy task. Much junk foods and alcohol has been the folly in my
    living. However, I now have hope after going through this material. I will
    readily recommend it to anyone.*

    1. My wife and I started this diet a month ago. I went from taking over 60
      units of insulin per day to 0. My wife is also off of insulin. I have been
      diabetic for over 10 years with the feeling that I was getting
      progressively worse. This diet has changed my health outlook from getting
      worse to getting better.I look forward to getting thin and getting off of
      the pills.

  8. How can I fast when I have low blood sugar symptoms from not eating enough?
    I need to eat to not have anxiety, shakiness and confusion etc

  9. I can’t tell you how heart breaking and infuriating it is to hear this. I
    watched my brother die a long, slow, terrible death at the age of 53. He
    endured years of dialysis and 4 separate surgeries for amputation. All of
    his suffering could have been avoided. Thank you for educating the world. I
    hope that others are able to be saved.

  10. so the bottom line is.
    instead of having more insulin to get rid of the sugar,why not eat less
    makes sense to me.
    why don’t they all know this?

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