XiSt Pheromone review

XiSt Pheromone review – is XiSt Pheromone effective and are there any side effects?

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Pheromones are primarily perceived through olfactory sensors, and studies suggest they are excreted by several areas of the body, including the skin, sweat glands, saliva, and urine. Pheromones are linked to some of the most crucial stages in our lives from breast feeding to mate selection.

Studies have shown, for example, that breast-fed newborns are able to distinguish between a breast pad worn by its mother and one worn by a stranger. In a crib, the baby will turn quickly away from the unfamiliar breast pad and turn towards his mother’s.

You may even pick your soul mate by subconsciously reacting to pheromones that transmit their genetic compatibility. You may be familiar with the landmark white tee-shirt test in which women consistently preferred the odors of tee-shirts that had been worn by strangers who were genetically compatible with them and were actually turned off by those who were genetically incompatible. What’s more, the odors they preferred reminded them of their boyfriends.

Once named the “instant boyfriend” mix, for its ability to charm and capture the hearts of women, XiSt Pheromone was revamped and reworked by Pheromone XS. The result was pheromone cologne that has become known for its knack of rendering the friend-zoned obsolete. As long as you’re wearing this intoxicating number, there’ll be little danger of you falling into the dreaded “friend” category when pursuing the woman (or women) you desire.

XiSt Pheromone works like an undercover agent, moving slowly and methodically all the while gaining trust and stirring interest until one day, Wham!, he is right where he wants to be. One of the top quality pheromones for men, XiSt is subtle and slow, yet potent and powerful. The secret to its attraction magic isn’t known, yet somehow, the combination of pheromones in this cologne almost always seems to capture the amorous attention of females in your vicinity.

Select your target, apply XiSt Pheromone, and move in for the kill. Don’t expect instant results, however, with the girl you have in mind. That’s not how it works. For it to work to its fullest and most majestic extent, a woman needs to be exposed to it several times, say, over the course of three or more dates. By this point, she’ll be head-over-heels for you and you’ll be calling the shots.

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