TrueResult Blood Glucose Starter Kit Reviews

TrueResult Blood Glucose Starter Kit Reviews – Does TrueResult Blood Glucose Starter Kit Work?

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TrueResult Blood Glucose Starter Kit is one of the fastest, precise and reasonably priced glucose measuring systems in the market. It can compete with other expensive products, for their result of the blood glucose test is only as quick as four seconds.

Thought not as prominent as the other blood glucose monitor systems with name brands, accessories and costly price tags, TrueResult Blood Glucose Starter Kit can declare their great accuracy that is as good, or sometimes better, than other branded glucose monitoring systems. It also needs a very small amount of blood, which is only 0.5 microliters.

It comes with ten lancets and a lancing device that have different penetration depths for different skin thickness. Compared to other glucose starter kits, it has a surprising memory of 500 tests with four alarms that can be programmed for reminders for the whole day. It could also provide you with results of 7, 14 and 30-day averages. It also has data management capacity that consists of an automatic on and off function. It also has a Glucose Control Detection System so you don’t have to worry about tedious coding.

TrueResult Blood Glucose Starter Kit is also very easy to use. You must wash your hands with warm water and have them dried completely. It is also important to check the dates on the test strip that you will be using. Don’t use if it has been open for three months or after the date that is printed on the vial as it may have been expired. Insert the test strip into the test port with the meter off. It will then be turned on.

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